Denver Downtempo

I’m in Anaheim, California this week for the annual D23 Expo (Disney Convention) for some of my Disney work out here. While in this hotel fighting insomnia, I decided to broadcast this session about my travels two weeks ago to the city of Denver, Colorado. 5,280 feet up off the ground is one of the most incredible cities in the US. I had to stay there for 4 days doing an art project about the town.. so I spent those days with an old friend from high school that lived there… and they showed me around the city and where to walk to.

This compilation is about those journeys. This set was what was either playing in my ears at the time, or what was playing at the random cafe’s and stores I’d happen to peruse through on my way from A to B to D to G to Z. This is a mellow’ed out set, trickling on the light stepped downtempo genre. .. very ethereal and whimsical.. perfect for day trips through the Spring/Summer sun.

  1. Unreleased Track Р(Icelandic Surprise! Tune In!)
  2. Bonobo- Jets (thanks to KJ’s coffee bar in Curtis Park for playing this)
  3. Ulrich Schnauss- Crazy for You (Slowdive Cover)
  4. Napoleon Feat. Capital Cities- Postcards
  5. Bent- Exercise 5
  6. Bryan Ferry- Don’t Stop the Dance (12″ Mix)
  7. Way Out West- Everyday
  8. Mylo- Valley of the Dolls
  9. Tycho- Hours
  10. Air- Sexy Boy (Etienne De Crecy & The Flower Pistols Mix)
  11. Sundrenched- Anaglyphic Childhood
  12. Jose Gonzalez- Down The Line

LISTEN HERE: EP: 333 Denver (Downtempo)


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