Dia De Los Mouseos, Execution Uno

Extra Series, No. XX

  • Size: 14″ x 14″ x 1.5″
  • Substrate: Canvas
  • Medium: Oil pen on Acrylic

I’ve been having this idea in my head for a bit, in where I would draw a collective of images to sum up the shape of Mickey himself. For some reason, out of all the shapes that I could think of, skulls were the only thing that made a visual impact in my head. I’m assuming for myself, that it was because skulls were such a dichotomous juxtaposition against such a happy lively face, that the contrast was in essence humorous.

I call this piece “Execution Uno”, as this was my first rendition of skulls. This is an initial step into drawing these, so this piece is more of a study sheet on skulls, in where my hands were learning how to become more complex with the shapes and sizes. I’ve filed this into the extra series, as I had immediately grabbed another sheet of canvas to do a second, and more complex version of this one, which was entitled “Execution Dos”.


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