Instinct Magazine: Gay Pop Artist Tennessee Loveless Exhibiting Work In Chicago

Source: Instinct Magazine

Date: May 6th, 2012

Link: Gay Pop Artist Tennessee Loveless Exhibiting Work In Chicago.


“Chicago gays—we’re fans of gay, pop artist (and artist for Disney Fine Art) Tennessee Loveless so we wanted to give you a heads up on an exhibition of his work that’s headed your way this month.

We dig his bold use of color and Andy Warhol style. Oh and did we mention he’s almost totally color blind?

Details on his exhibit after the jump!”


At first my attention to the “Children of the 1980’s” series focused purely on what resonated nostalgically to me, which was video games. After 8 bit Mickey and the arcade versions thereafter, my brain strained to think about the 80’s, its aesthetic, and how it translated into this series. After “Pink Bermuda”, a piece based in the “Geometric Spectrum” series. my head erupted  into many ideas focusing on the fashions inspired from the “Memphis Milano” collective.



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