Goodnight San Francisco

My days in San Francisco are nearing an end.

I knew fully well that I would return to Los Angeles, the hub where all my work is, but still, every time I leave this town I grow sad that I will have to have my experiences elsewhere. I move back to San Francisco often. I do this all the time.

I suppose I do this because this was the first place I found myself. This was the first place where I unlocked my artist potential and found solid footing as a human in the arts. This was the place that fueled my imagination and sparked my inner creativity.

This was the place that I found myself.

So whenever I feel stagnant, I find myself returning home to expand my head, heart, and arms in the foggy metropolis I adore so dearly. Since December I have worked day and night in my studio to finish the Disney project I’ve been working on since November of 2011. My days have not been filled with that SF spark that I am so used to, and mainly because I have rarely gone outside to create it. My room is jam packed with work, and with little place to put anything else, I have painted myself into a corner.

I’m refiguring myself, I plan on returning back to LA as a home base for everything I do, and will spend the time I have free traveling back and forth to this town once again.. much like I have done every other month that I am away from here. While this was always a part of the plan, its still, always hard to leave my friends, my lover, and my city in the rearview mirror of my car.

With that being said, my life and my career are unfolding faster than I could have ever imagined. My whole life I have worked incredibly hard to get the things that I have attained, and I have experienced the rewards, joy, heartbreak, defeat, and the lessons learned along the way. This residency has been a great part of that journey, and a great addition to my artwork I continue to do.

When I return to Los Angeles, I will return to the friends and places I have missed so much. I will return to my normal schedule of painting, and slinging hash browns at the Echo Park diner that I love. I am happy and relieved to get back to a schedule that I understand and appreciate… and still.. I know that some nights, when its tough, I’ll close my eyes and remember taking the F train down market street, … or walking in the Presidio,.. or just simply walking down to Natoma Street to Harvest Market … to remember just how beautiful and simple life is.

I adore you San Francisco. Till next time mon amie.


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