As Heard On Television (Ambient)

Heres the first session of “As Heard on Television”, a set all about soundtracks to some of the films I loved. When I first was compiling this, most of the tracks were of tracks that existed on normal EP’s (Ex: Bjork’s “Hunter” featured on X Files) and so forth. However as I really got into the groove of things, I wanted to really infuse soundtracks as methods of ambient music, and mix them with the shoegazer sounds of Gregg Araki’s films.. .. This came to quite an eclectic set that waves through warm blurry guitars and nice cool synth melodies. I think you’ll dig this show. On the next few sessions I’ll be honing back into the sets you remember from the early BNB days, and bring ya’ll back to sounds you love so much.

  1. Jon Hopkins- Monsters Theme (MONSTERS)
  2. Julee Cruise and Angelo Badalamenti- Falling (Chillout Mix) (TWIN PEAKS)
  3. Slowdive- Blue Skied An’ Clear (THE DOOM GENERATION)
  4. Transister- Flow (JAWBREAKER)
  5. Trespassers William- Different Stars (FELICITY)
  6. Vangelis- Blade Runner Theme (BLADE RUNNER)
  7. Tangerine Dream- Love on a Train (RISKY BUSINESS)
  8. Boards of Canada- Everything You Do Is a Balloon (MOVERN CALLAR)
  9. Cocteau Twins- Seekers Who Are Lovers (Otherness Mix) (NOWHERE)
  10. Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd- Twilight (MYSTERIOUS SKIN)
  11. Sigur Ros- Svefn-g-Englar (VANILLA SKY)
  12. Jon Anderson- Loved By The Sun (LEGEND)

LISTEN HERE: As Heard On Television (Ambient)


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