Le Ciel Est Bleu

Around The World Series, No. 24

  • Size: 14″ x 14″ x 1.5″
  • Substrate: Canvas
  • Medium: Acrylic

This is the 2nd of of 3 pieces for the French collection for the “Around The World Series”. At first I had finished the 1st piece (No. 23), and left both the 2 drafts completely sketched and placed ready for painting, however my extreme attention deficit problem caused me to sidetrack and wander off after the shows in Chicago, that getting back into the groove of finishing this and the 3rd piece became quite troublesome. Its as if my brain and hands are two temperamental rivaling brothers that love each other but refuse to work with each other at times.

I suppose it may have been my frustration in trying to get back to Paris this year that caused this conflict. Learning the language and trying to use it seemed to be quite moronic since primarily where I live people only speak Spanish and English, and it seemed that my goals for some kind of artist residency out there was proving more and more to be moot, that working on these pieces were like painting massive “STOP” signs for my eyes to see.

Getting back in the groove to these pieces, however produced a massive surge in my body to work towards a goal to return to Paris this year, rather than mope about it, and I am well on my way to produce a body of work out there yet.

This piece is called “Le Ciel Est Bleu”, which translates as “The Sky is Blue”. This is in homage to the basics of learning the language, and my eventful goal of merging my pop work into France.


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