L’Herbe Est Verte

Around the World Series, No. 21

  • Size: 14″ x 14″ x 1.5″
  • Substrate: Canvas
  • Medium: Acrylic

Last year I visited Paris for a meeting at Euro Disney in regards to getting placement in Europe. While I figured that this trip was to be complete business and nothing more, what I WASNT expecting was that my vision would entirely collapse underneath me with the massive weight of the cities influence. I consider this trip a pivotal point in the breakage of my work, and I give complete credit to that city for influencing my art in more of an experimental pop format than what I had before. I left the city a complete Francophile, and with a massive vision of returning for an art residency to further the breakdown of my formal format.

The “Around the World” Series is an homage to the breakthrough caused by that city. Furthermore, while I am learning the language as aggressively as I am, these paintings are reminders of the stepping stones in understanding French… and therefore pull in a journal like aspect in pinpoints of where I am in my goal to merge myself and my work into France and the European Market.

This piece is one of three optical pop pieces which go over the elementary basis of learning the French language. Learning the object of the language is much like learning the object that relates to color. These languages, the one of color and French, are both secondary languages to me, and this piece is about putting them together. “L’Herbe Est Verte” which means “The Grass Is Green” tells a story about language and color. Mickey’s face is green to represent the objective color of grass. The rays in the back ground are blue and yellow. These colors will be integrated appropriately into 2 other pieces entitled:

“La Ciel Est Bleu”

“Le Soleil Est Jaune”

I’m off to Chicago for the week, for my first Disney Solo show outside of Chicago at Art Partners Art Gallery.


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