Love, Lasercats, and the California Highway (Downtempo)

This is the last of the travel sessions of the dustbowl this month. On the last stretch of open road, I had finally made it back to San Francisco around 4 am, ran back to my house and began to pack. 2 hours later I was in a u-haul, and carting my things across the same open stretch of road back to Los Angeles.. Exhausted around 2pm, I settled in a field below the Grapevine Pass Mountains.. and fell asleep with my dog for about an hour.. I had this set in my headphones. .. and dreamt of cats with laser beams destroying mountains in the desert.

I’m including the newest of tracks from Boards of Canada this week in this dreamstate set. VERY excited about their upcoming June release. They just played in the Mojave desert yesterday debuting their ENTIRE album. Its a good day to be in Southern California I tell you. This set is mixed with a lot of ‘ghostly international’ sounds, perfect for desert trips and acid flashbacks in a neon caftan kind of experience. I think you’ll enjoy.

  1. BoC- Reach for the Dead
  2. dOP- Blanche Neige
  3. Solar Bears- Cosmic Runner
  4. Shortcircles- Meatball in Space
  5. Sally Shapiro- What Can I Do? (Com Truise Mix)
  6. Tycho- Ascension (Rob Garza/Thievery Corp Mix)
  7. Ulrich Schnauss- I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance (Tycho Mix)
  8. The New Division- Night Escape (Keep Shelly In Athens Mix)
  9. Napoleon- Rut
  10. Odd Machine- Phase In
  11. Bent- Winter (For Teej)

LISTEN HERE:  This Mortal Broadcast 19


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