Mickey Pixel Drip

Contemporary Modern Series, No. 8

  • Size: 14″ x 14″ x 1.5″
  • Substrate: Canvas
  • Medium: Oil pen on Acrylic

This is the first piece in letting go of my control of the geometric grid. This is against my artistic nature to let go of anything, yet at the very same time I am flexible to change outside my art. The two semi-dichotomous sentiments generally should be at war with each other, however in the process, the battle is traded in for an understanding. What you see is the beginning of retiring the comfortable nature of “coloring in the lines”.

I wasn’t that kid in class that colored outside of the lines. I was however the kid that took interpretive freedom with the subject that needed coloring. Sure there would be a coloring book page with a bunny giggling with an easter basket, and I’d do my best to use whatever crayon possible to acutely fill in the subject. I would however be far too engrossed in drawing other things around the bunny like a 7 headed scorpion monster from the realm of whatcha’macall’it to ever call anything finished. These two ideas, even as a kid strike a familiarity with my life now. Its the classic subject of the licensed character, and the tight rope of expression .vs. rendition…

This piece, entitled “Mickey Pixel Drip” is the gateway of freeing the grid. This is the bleeding of geometry while maintaining the template of Mickey intact. Sure the colors are tight within the frame, but outside, the checkers have no gravity, and they begin to drip. Mind you, there is STILL a sense of control in this, as the bottom of the bleeding pixels do not lose their boxed in frame to a circular (teardrop) base. It was suggested that I round out the bottom of the pixels, and I … couldn’t, because I wanted to still have a little bit of control, and maintain that box’ish aesthetic.


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