Philly Brotherly Dub

Its been almost 10 years since I’ve been back in Philadelphia. I stayed in Fishtown with a friend, and I almost didn’t recognize the city. My days were spent relearning the SEPTA L and trolley lines, while visiting various galleries and museums around the city. Funny enough, all the places I went I took for granted when I lived there, so I was .. basically visiting a city that I lived in… and yet.. experiencing it for the first time. .. Kind of hard to explain that one.

I also met with old friends, and and decade ago lover, who I still to this day absolutely adore. I ended up on a hot summer night, being driven out to a roller skating rink in Jersey, and skating with friends around women in 60’s to 80’s hairdo’s and skating costumes while a live organist played. .. and then later ending the night at a Jersey Diner like old times. ..

On my last day I walked around the city before saying goodbye and compiled a list of the songs I used to play in that city when I was young and naive. .. and combined them with some of the songs that I resonated with on my recent stay there… in my mid/upper thirties.

This is called “Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Dub”, and it ranges from Trip Hop and Acid Jazz, mixed with dubbed out sounds and soulful scratchiness. .. Perfect for your urban wanderlust.

  1. Massive Attack- Teardrop (Lulu Rouge Red Dub Mix)
  2. Nina Simone- Blackbird (Remix)
  3. Funki Porcini- Purrfect
  4. Gait Macdermot- Coffee Cold
  5. Tosca- Doris Dub
  6. Soul ‘n’ Soda- What Kind of Woman (Amazon RMX)
  7. Herb Albert- Rise (SL High Fives Edit)
  8. L.V.- Turn Away
  9. Burial- Broken Home
  10. Beanfield- Planetary Deadlock (Richard Dorfmeister Belvedere Dub)
  11. Boom Boom Satellites- On the Painted Desert (DJ Krush Mix)
  12. Vitamin Dub- Everything in it’s Right Place
  13. Amon Tobin- Nightlife
  14. Tricky- Broken Homes

LISTEN HERE: EP: 335 City of Brotherly Dub


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