Chicago City Soul / Savannah, GA (200 Series)


Medium: Oil/Acrylic/Water Sketch + Xylene Manipulated Transfer

Substrate: 1.4MB 3.5 Floppy Disk Formatted for Sony Mavica 1 Megapixel Film Roll

Mavica Data:  At the end of 1999 I ended up going back to Savannah the minute I got this camera. I took a photo of my old 2nd floor Victorian apartment at 211 E. 40th Street in Historic District Savannah. Bernadette, TJ, and I rented out that apartment my freshman year at SCAD in 1996. Our landlady was a one eyed Jehovah’s Witness named Yvonne McQueen, who would often leave us Watchtower pamphlets every week because she lived next door. Whenever we paid rent, she’d play her religious tapes on “Sodom Gomorrah” when we’d stop by. The next photo is of my travels to Savannah on that LONG stretch of highway from Macon to Chatham County via HWY 16. 

Size: The “200 Series” for Cowboy Wasabi are built onto a 5 x 5  background encased in a 6.25 x 6.25 frame. Both the art, background, and frame are hand drawn + triple poly sealed.

Extras: Each piece comes with a placard containing series information, film roll images + their stories.

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Series Information: For graduating college in the late nineties, I received a piece of revolutionary technology called a ‘digital camera’. The first one out in the market was a Sony Mavica, which was a ONE MEGAPIXEL heavy brick of a device on a sling that used 3.5 floppy disks as film. The idea that you could take a picture and IMMEDIATELY see what you had taken was such an amazing concept to me. For years this device was glued to me as I obsessively documented various people and places. Even after new tech evolved to memory cards and better resolution, I still kept using this camera because I had a nostalgic attachment to it and the way it kept data on 3.5 floppies. Twenty years later, while uploading these disks to my laptop one final time, I decided to reincarnate them into paintings. In all the art I do, I try and find new ways to create an integral connection between us through stories. I figured painting on a substrate of memorial data was a great way to achieve this. Each piece contains the photos I took while living in Atlanta, Philly, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and beyond. This series, “Cowboy Wasabi”, is named over my first digital picture taken, which was an awkward selfie while wearing a cowboy hat in a sushi restaurant somewhere around Atlanta in 1999.

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