Sacramento South (Blues)

Its been about a month since I came back from Sacramento, but its been on my mind almost everyday. Even though I’ve lived in California for the past 12+ years, I never really got to see a quintessential Californian town. Both Los Angeles and San Francisco are cities that really only represent themselves almost as states themselves with their own unique culture. Sacramento however is a city that just breathes as a heart of California.. I finally felt like I was truly in the West being there.

Walking around on my off time during my stay/work, I perused through old town and midtown and somehow winded up out near the Lavender district with a bunch of incredible artists in this dry west yet Italian decorated grotto… just laying around and lounging about the place and talking friends.. and it reminded me of those fantastically slow dinners with people out in the South. .. . And then I started looking around Sacramento in general.. and it reminded me A LOT of Savannah. From the river front, to the Delta King Ferry, to the Victorian homes.. there were many similarities..

And thats where this set comes together. Its a soft blur of southern country blues and soul, intermixed with lonely western desert twangs. I hope you like.

  1. Son of Dave- Nike Town
  2. Irene Scruggs- Borrowed Love
  3. Tom Waits- Talking at the Same Time
  4. Blind Willie McTell- You Was Born To Die
  5. Jolie Holland- Goodbye California
  6. Funny Papa Smith- Hungry Wolf
  7. Gare Du Nord- Pablo’s Blues
  8. The Dirty Diary- The Betrayal in Blackwater (Spaghetti Western)
  9. C.W Stoneking- Early in the Mornin’
  10. Moby- In This World
  11. Belton Sutherland- Blues #2
  12. Syl Johnson- Is it Cause I’m Black?
  13. Lightnin’ Hopkins- See See Rider
  14. Jakub Tywoniuk- Smoker
  15. Kansas Joe- When the Levee Breaks
  16. Nick Drake- Cocaine Blues
  17. Paul Weller .vs. Portishead- Wild Wood (Sheared Wood Mix)

LISTEN HERE :EP: 331 Sacramento South


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