The Human Condition Series, No. 44

  • Size: 14″ x 14″ x 1.5″
  • Substrate: Canvas
  • Medium: Oil pen on Acrylic

“#”, otherwise known as “hashtag” is a metadata tag that allows words attached to “#” be classified into a searchable group. This is primarily used for internet social media outlets to connect users to a common word for many purposes (however it is not solely used for this). I relate this idea of tagging in much ways to the gateway of sensory perception.

Originally when I created this piece, I was doing a piece for the “Loveless Letters” section going over the year of travel in 2012. Each square was to be an airport terminal to a plane flight number, to an arriving gate, to an airport terminal, to a plane flight….  and so on and so on. Each square was to be a launching point to an arriving destination point that in turn launched to a different area.. When I had finished all the line work, I pulled back to look at the portrait, and the entire concept flipped entirely aesthetically into something else. While these were pathways, these resembled more of a undeviating unilateral circuit of sensory perception.

I began to look at this like gateway to map of directions from point A to point B. Point A being the the initial sense (IE: smell/#smell), to the perception of the smell (IE: sweet)/#sweet), to the destination of Point B  (the break down and objectification of the item in question) (IE: Carrot Cake/#Carrotcake).  This example is the overall encompassing theme to the “BATTLE OF THE SENSES” chapter,… the ‘metadata’ tagging of objects through the senses we perceive. This piece is the flow chart, the circuitry, the Point A to Point B, the neural PATHWAY of our senses. Whether it be sight, sound, touch, smell, taste,.. or even the 5 additional senses of time, temperature, balance/acceleration, pain, and kinesthesia, it is about the departure and arrival of what is sensed to what is ultimately understood.

Worked on in:

  1. Los Feliz Art Studio, Los Angeles California
  2. Rooftop off of Sycamore Street, Mission District, San Francisco, California
  3. Box Factory, Mission District, San Francisco, California
  4. SOMA Art Studio, San Francisco, California

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