This Chord is Discord

Extra Series, No. XX

  • Size: 14″ x 14″ x 1.5″
  • Substrate: Canvas
  • Medium: Oil pen on Acrylic

This is a piece reflecting the opposite of “The Definition of Character”, No. 21 in the same transitional series. When creating the last piece, my focus was “it is what it is”, meaning that every place had a label and everything made sense. The ears were labeled ears, the nose was labeled nose, and in the background all the colored shards contained objects that represented the color ¬†within them. In essence, the piece had no chaos, it was perfectly harmonious in concept and in structure.

And weeks later after I finished it, that idea slightly annoyed me.

Granted in the past, the idea of control and structure were the very essence of things that defined me, but now on this new deconstructive path, I was like a kid wielding a massive pair of scissors screaming ‘weeee!’ down the hallway with no concern of myself falling down. The idea of sudden definition, regardless of the campiness of its construction, made me feel slightly backwards in concept.

(Have I told you how much I like to over think things? I’m gathering that art is the only appropriate place for this type of over compulsiveness.)

This piece is the reversal of what makes sense. In our world, the labels of the objects are incorrectly placed, and the colored shards contain objects that misrepresent the color. This piece about the beauty of discord, the art form of absurdity, and the discomfort that comes with misrepresentation of things that are so clear to us. Mind you, being color deficient, the shards didn’t really affect me as much as the words in the face did when it came to discord, but all my work tends to be more about what YOU see, than what I do.



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